Lami Philips Discloses Why She Waves At Strangers

Lami Philips Discloses Why She Waves At Strangers

Afro Soul singer, Lami Philips, who is popularly known by her stage moniker ‘Lami‘ has opened up on her new found love, which is waving randomly at people anytime she travels.

Lami Philips, who first discovered her love for music when she won a talent competition as a child, posted a picture on her instagram page with the caption

I do this when I travel! It’s a lot of fun!!! TGIF…

The picture Lami Philips shared reads

I love waving at random people, because you know for the rest of the day they’re trying to figure out who the hell you were.

For a person who is not known like Lami Philips, waving at strangers and/or being waved at by strangers could really be disturbing. The Universities of Kent and of Nottingham graduate does not think so as she is all about the fun.

I do this when I travel! It's a lot of fun!!! TGIF

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So, when next you see Lami Philips waving randomly at people, don’t conclude that she has lost her mind – she’s only trying to make them wonder who “the hell” she is all day…lol.


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