Interesting: Lady Saved By Her iPhone During Las Vegas Shoot-Out

Lady saved by iphone in las-vegas shoot out

A lady present at the Sunday night Las-Vegas concert was saved by her iPhone during the shoot out

The woman, who remains unidentified was at the Jason Aldean’s concert in Las-Vegas when the mass shooting started. Luckily for her, her iPhone served as her bullet proof and she was not hit by the bullet.

Recall that Sunday night, over 50 people turned up dead while about 500 were injured in the shooting spree that broke out during a concert. The killer was found dead in a hotel room by the SWAT team some buildings away from the venue.

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According to reports from Dailymail, the woman showed her cab driver her damaged iPhone. An examination of the  picture of the phone that surfaced revealed its shattered back cover. Although it is still unclear as to how exactly the lady was holding the phone when the incident occurred.

The Las Vegas shooting has currently been described as the worst mass shooting in the history of modern U.S.A. Investigations are still going on concerning the case.



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