Kylie Jenner Blasted Over Black Face Photo Shoot


The youngest of the Kardashian ladies, Kylie Jenner was mouth-lashed by fans and followers for posting photos of her face looking black. The 17 year old did a photo shoot with black light and neon light which resulted in the black face photographs she shared on instagram and was insulted and accused of being a racist.

Kylie responded to the accusations claiming that although she would have loved it if she was born naturally with pink hair and blue eyes but she’s fine with how God created her.

When Kylie Jenner attempted to justify the black face on twitter, fans and followers stormed her with twitter mentions with old pictures of her claiming she’s not natural as she has done surgeries to change her face and lips.

A fan wrote the following as a comment to one of the black face pictures Kylie shared.

Nah wtf this? Someone come get Kylie please. First your lips, now this? GIRL YOU’RE NOT BLACK. This is so fucking disgusting. This is  exactly why people get so angry. Next thing you’re gonna see a magazine write “We Love Kylie Jenner’s bronzed out look! Is this the new trend?” Like hold the fuck up. Appropriating another’s culture is NOT some beauty trend. Whether it be bronze skin, large lips, or wearing bindis on your forehead, it’s a CULTURE not a COSTUME.Shit like this gets me so angry. Why is it that ethnic features are only deemed beautiful on non-ethnic bodies huh? Why does everyone praise you for your big lips when my people were ridiculed for it for centuries? And what’s worse- you post this on the day that MLK was assassinated! How insensitive can you be? You wanna be black so bad, how come we never see you post anything about “#BlackLivesMatter” or “#StopDontShoot” huh? Everyone wants to be black until it’s time to be black. I hate your entire family.

Check out Kylie Jenner‘s black face photos, other rants by fans and her defense to the alleged racist claims.


In your opinion, does Kylie Jenner deserve the criticisms she is getting as a result of these photographs?


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