Kim Kardashian Rocks White Braids In New Pictures.

Kim Kardashian Shared Photos Of Her New Hair Do On Instagram But Some Black Fans Are Not Impressed.

The Mother of 3 who recently got her last child on January 16,2018, via surrogate, recently posted series of provocative photos on her Instagram page. She was rocking white braids, she wore white skimpy bikini for the shoot. She also shared a topless photo showing off her bo*bs. This is not the first time Kim Kardashian is rocking braids but some black fans are not impressed as they feel she is trying too hard to represent the black culture, as she is married to a black man, Kanye West. Here are some comments made about her braids:

Nicollete: No one said braids are only allowed if you have black skin. 🙄 However if you are going to wear braids, don’t come up with a new name for them like you invented it. And that’s all her and her sisters do. They don’t get a pass at the culture cuz they date black men and have mixed babies 🤷🏾‍♀️💯

Naimah: This is not her first time wearing her hair like this. Who cares.

domoniques: Culture vultures always end up looking dumb. 😂😂😂😂

Some Fans also were not impressed by these photos as they feel she is exposing too much for her status as a Mother. Here are some comments below:

bargafni : Too much…we get it. you’re mom of 3 and you’re HOT, but there is so much more than showing your body

nazz_arif : The older u get the more attention u want sad disgusting

ladyesty : Not classy at all 👎.Riri was cut of instagram for a year and this picture is accepted???

bluediamond: Her husband isn’t bothered by this. At some point wouldn’t you just stop

What do you think about these photos?

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