Just Like Trump, Dangote Will One Day Be Nigeria’s President – Archbishop Amu

Just Like Trump, Dangote Will One Day Be Nigeria's President - Archbishop Amu Prophesies

Archbishop George Amu, the former Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, has shared a new prophesy which says just like Trump, Nigeria will experience a shocking residential elect some day.

The Archbishop, who recently celebrated his birthday revealed hat God spoke to him and told him that Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, will one day be Nigeria’s president, which will come as a surprise to many.

He continued saying, just as America’s Donald Trump’s victory shocked the whole world, so will Dangote’s election shock everyone.

According to Punch, Archbishop Amu  recalled that on August 21, which was a special day as he was celebrating his 75th birthday, he told journalists that Trump would win America’s election. He also said he is uncertain on whether he will be succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari or not.

The Archbishop further said that when he predicted Donald Trump’s win, no one agreed to report the story:
I even told my children to circulate the information on their Facebook but they declined. The same God, who revealed Donald Trump’s victory in the US, has also declared His intention to install Dangote as the future President of Nigeria.

On why God decided to install Aliko Dangote and Donald Trump in power, the Archbishop said it is due to their wealth as they have so much of it and will find no need in stealing the nations wealth.


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