Ibiere Agwu, wife to Julius Agwu Reacts to Allegations of Unhappiness

julius and wife at an event

Ibiere Agwu has reacted to the rumours surrounding her marriage which says that she is an unhappy woman.


In a recent instagram picture posted by comedian Julius Agwu, Ibeire Agwu his wife was seen frowning in the picture which caused a lot of tongues to start wagging.

Julius Agwu posted a picture on his instagram page of himself, his wife Ibiere Agwu and their two children on Sunday, the 13th of march 2017. The caption to the picture was “Thanks to God.” However in the picture, Ibiere Agwu stands lopsided as though she was forced to be a part of the family picture.

instagram photo of Julius Agwu and his family, fans reaction


Due to this, concerned fans of the comedian were quick to flood the comment section as they advised Julius Agwu’s wife to try to stay happy in her home. They stated that she looked very unhappy and wondered what the source of her unhappiness could be.

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Ibiere Agwu wasn’t having any of such ill talks about her as she responded immediately to the comments. In her response, she said,

why must you think there is a problem just because I didn’t smile in one photo. I simply just posed for a picture not trying to convince anyone that i’m happy or sad. Not everyone smiles when taking pictures. Try and have a positive mind. Thank you.

agwu and his wife

agwu and his wife

The couple exchanged marital vows in an elaborate wedding ceremony in Rivers State about nine years ago. Their union is blessed with two kids- Zahra and Zadok.  It is known to all that Julius Agwu has recently been experiencing health failure. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why his fans think his wife is unhappy. She has however set the records straight.



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