Iyanya Lashed For Serving Groundnut At Album Launch

Iyanya Lashed For Serving Groundnut At Album Launch

Fans have lambasted Iyanya for serving them groundnut after they paid half a million at in his third album launch in Abuja

Kukere master, Iyanya, has been criticized by fans for serving them groundnut at his album launch in Abuja over the weekend. Those who bear the most grudge are the people who bought a table which cost about N400,000.

The VIPs at the event expressed their displeasure stating that they paid that much for a table because they expected the best of hospitality only to be served groundnuts and Hennessy. One of the aggrieved guests told reporters that;

When I told my wife that I got a table at Iyanya’s album launch, she was ecstatic because the singer is one of her favourites. It came to us as a rude shock when we were served groundnuts and Hennessy. I mean we paid N400,000 just to be given groundnuts?

Iyanya on the other hand has not shown any remorse for annoying his fans. In fact, he said he is not sorry for serving groundnut at his album launch. In a statement released by his manager, Ubi Franklin, Iyanya said he never promised food and was not in charge of what guest got at the event.

Go and check Iyanya’s promotion for the album, we did not promise anybody that we would put anything on the table. If you are sitting on the table, it is premium. Iyanya gave them a proper show for three hours. Iyanya and I were not in charge of what would be put on the table.

Iyanya launched his his third studio album, ‘Applaudise’ and it was held at Thisday Dome in Abuja over the weekend.


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