I Love Him; 19-Year Old Samantha Defends 62-Year Old Husband.

19 year old Samantha Simpson has said to the media that she loves her husband who is 62 year old. She got married to JR who is and her husband a year ago. She took to the media to explain that love exists between them both.

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Samantha explains that people often mistake her husband for her grandfather and revealed that they undergo daily abuse from strangers.

Samantha and JR’s Wedding photograph

She explained this to the media just a few weeks after their one year wedding anniversary.

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JR’s wife who is still a student expressed pain when she said “It’s even worse when people call JR a ‘child snatcher’ or a ‘pedophile’ when they see us hold hands or kiss in public”.

She further appealed to the public that they should stop discriminating them, “We just want people to realize that we are happily married and serious about our relationship — and other people shouldn’t be discriminating us in such a way” she said.

Samantha Simpson revealed the reason she was drawn to him by saying that other persons she dated that were around her age grade were immature and dont know how to treat their partners; but JR knows how to do all of these.


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