I am half lesbian – Amber Rose

amber rose i'm half lesbian

Controversial model and estranged wife of American rapper Wiz Khalifa; Amber Rose has referred to herself as “half lesbian” after having a “makeout session” with stand up comedian Amy Schumer at the just concluded MTV movie awards.

Amy Schumer does not think the same way as she did not acknowledge Amber Rose‘s tag in the picture they appeared actually making out. Amber Rose had tagged the photograph;

I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer @MTV #movieawards

Some fans have however called her out to stop “being so trashy” since she is a mother while others have defended her.

You are a mother. You might want to think about that and stop being so trashy
amber rose claims she had a makeout with amy. is she half lesbian?

Another fan said;

Stfu she dont need yall telling her shes a mother.. she fucking knows

Meanwhile a few days earlier, a cartoon of Amber Rose trying to untie Blac Chyna‘s bra showed up on the internet. Amber Rose captioned it “Muva and Bae” which triggered lots of questions about Amber Rose‘s sexual orientation.

Amber Rose indicated that she will like to make amends with her enstranged husband some days ago, claiming that he is the only one she can really love.

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Amber Rose is the author of the book, How to be a Bad Bitch.


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