Has Flavour’s Thankful Sold 150 Million Copies?

Has Thankful sold millions


A tatafo source was quoted today saying that Flavour’s new album, Thankful has sold about one hundred and fifty million (150 million) copies since it was released. When the claim was challenged, he claimed that his source is very reliable.

The Wazobians Team immediately tried to contact Flavour but were not able to reach him as he was said to be away from the country at the moment.

The Wazobian Team then began an extensive analysis. From the analysis, it is possible that this guy “mis-heard” whatever he heard. Michael Jackson’s album, Thriller currently holds the record as the best-selling album of all time with sales of 65 million copies.

So, we may be right to assume that if he actually heard anything, it would be that he heard that the album has brought in a revenue of N150 million. Even at that, if each CD is sold at N150, it means one million copies have been sold already. We will give you an update as soon as we hear from Flavour or his close associates.

One of his fans told the Wazobians Crew that it is possible that the album has sold 1 million copies because all the songs in the album are hits. Who else thinks so?


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