Government Stop Lying! -ICC.

Boko Haram Sect

Government Stop Lying That Boko Haram Has Been Won Says International Christian Concern, ICC.

Olivia Miller, the communication coordinator of ICC has urged the Federal Government to hunt and end the Boko Haram sect.

ICC, a charitable organization that assist persecuted churches and focuses on human rights and religious freedom told Vanguard:

“Boko Haram must be destroyed in order to ensure that this doesn’t keep happening, but the government must first stop lying by saying that they have already won.”

Asked about Boko Haram’s vow to keep Alice and Leah Sharibu as slaves for life, she said:


”This means that they are likely going to keep them permanently. They are saying that they will no longer accept any ransom or rewards for them, but will likely use them for work, force them to convert to Islam, and probably rape and beat them”.

The ICC official said: “My only hope is that they are just using this to try and get more money from the government. This would mean that there is still a chance that they can be saved.”
She said some consolatory words to Leah mother and also added: “They miss their daughter greatly and they cannot do anything to get her back themselves. “The only thing we can do for them is pray and advocate for Leah and their family.”


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