Gossip Cop Blasts OK! for Kim Kardashian’s Vogue Ban

kim kardashian was not banned from appearing on vogue magazine according to gossip cop

There has been reports about Kim Kardashian being banned from ever appearing on Vogue Magazine again by the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Anna Wintour for not adhering to the no selfie rule at 2015 Met Gala; reports started by OK! Magaine. Gossip Cop has blasted OK! claiming that the report is phony.

Gossip Cop then went ahead to talk about how they have “busted” OK! magazine a number of times, describing them as “a ludicrous new tabloid”

See what they said below;

Gossip Cop has busted OK! a number of times for fabricating stories about Kardashian and West. Back in March, Gossip Cop corrected a report by the magazine that alleged the reality TV star was worried her rapper husband had a “secret love child.” We also busted a phony story that claimed the couple was arguing over West’s friendship with Rihanna. Much like those tales, the current yarn about Kardashian being banned from appearing in Vogue is also false. A source connected to the fashion magazine tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the tabloid’s latest claim is completely “not true.” [contextly_sidebar id=”gw0bhXtWLoPvl7pS0bqs4pXXBQjXLASD”]

Who is right between Gossip Cop and OK! Magazine concerning Vogue Magazine’s alleged ban of Kim Kardashian from appearing on their pages? What prompted Gossip Cop to start this “clash of media houses”?


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