Google Set To Improve Nigerian’s Web Experience


Google, one of the biggest global brands is set to improve Nigerian’s browsing experience.

Google is set to achieve this through the launch of Weblite in Nigeria which improves access to the internet.

According to reports, Google representative made the following statement:


Whether you are commuting to work, searching for the latest sport news, or for the phone number of the nearest restaurant, quick access to the internet is crucial. In Africa, we see that nearly 40 percent of people with Android devices may be experiencing a slow or delayed connection while they are on the web due to usage of low RAM devices”

With Weblite though, internet access will be better. According to them:

“Now for most of Africa, when you search on Google with a low RAM device via the Google App, Chrome or Android browser, web pages that you access from Google search results page will be optimized to load faster and use less data”


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