Gareth Bale Has Been Put Up For Sale In Madrid

Gareth Bale for sale
Gareth Bale for sale

Gareth Bale might start considering waving his career at Real Madrid goodbye

Once the world most expensive player, Gareth Bale might soon wave his fairy tale stay at Real Madrid bye as report has it that the Spanish side is considering offloading him.

The Welshman was once hailed as the potential replacement for Ronaldo and in most cases had to bear the brunt of being the focus man.

But those days are long gone as the Spanish club are ready to call it quits with him.

Of course he had proven himself in more than one occasion to be worthy of the responsibility given to him.

Unfortunately, his relevance seems to be decreasing recently especially with the stellar rise of Isco who seems to be on fire consistently. 


Another reason why the Spanish club might consider selling Gareth Bale is the fact that his career has been plagued with too many injuries to really make much impact.

While some might argue that his injuries are not of his own making, such kind of mishaps are unforgivable in clubs like Real Madrid.

Report has it that Forentino Perez who has a reputation for being an astute businessman has put a price of  90 million pounds on the Welsh attacker.

A price which will completely make up for the cost of what he was bought. 


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