For Ladies: How to Rock Your Sneakers

    Although Sneakers were primarily designed for Sports and physical exercise, they can also be worn as everyday wears e.t.c.Yes you can wear your sneakers outside the gym BUT here are tips to wearing them, so you don’t look awkward.

    Wearing Sneakers with Jeans: In wearing your sneakers with a jeans, you have to ensure your ankle bones are visible. This is to ensure that you dont look grumpy. Trust me, youd’d look like an old lady once your pants cover your sneakers. Paradventure, you do not have a jeans of the right size, all you need do is to cuff the hem of your jeans.

    sneakers and jeans

    Sneakers with a Dress: This might be a bit hard to comprehend, but trust me, if you get the right combo, be sure to look spectacular. A white sneaker can go well with a bright coloured dress. The dress can be either a midi or a maxi dress

    sneakers and dress

    Try Sneakers on Denim Jackets: Sneakers can complement a very nice Blue or Black denim jacket.

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    sneakers and denim

    Sneakers on Shorts or Skirts: Tried wearing sneakers on shorts or skirts before now? If you haven’t. you should try it. This gives the impression of a street style but in a fashioned way.

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    sneakers and short/skirt

    Sneakers and Polo shirts are a very good combination. As a matter of fact, this can be multi facet. You can wear a polo shirt, a denim jacket and a sneaker.

    sneakers, polo and denim

    Have fun as you rock your sneakers!!!


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