Father Jesumaria Jailed For Fondling A Woman

Father Jesumaria Jailed For Fondling A Woman

Father Jesumaria, a California-based Catholic priest has been jailed for sexual harassing a sleeping woman.

A Catholic priest was jailed for fondling a sleeping woman on a plane. The priest identified as Father Marcelo de Jesumaria , is a California-based Catholic priest.

He has been sentenced in Los Angeles where a jury found him guilty of abusive sexual contact.

The priest allegedly touched the sleeping woman’s buttocks, boobs and groin during a night flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

The woman woke up as the priest was touching her and quickly reported to the flight attendents and later an FBI agent.
Fahter Marcelo de Jesumaria’s attorney, Steve Cron, claimed that the priest did not deserve a prison sentence. He said the priest was presently on a therapy. Steven Cron also said that;

As a result of his actions… Jesumaria has lost his career, his position of esteem in the community, and he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He acknowledged that his behavior was wrong.

Father Jesumaria pleaded guilty to the charge against him and was sentenced six months of home confinement. The jury claimed it is a shameful for a clergy to be involved  such a mess.


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