Facebook User Laments Over Postponement of Election to His Wedding Day.

A Facebook user identified as Jude Onyeka, has lamented on the postponement of the presidential and senatorial election by INEC. The wedding which is suppose to hold on the 23rd of February, 2019 has been declared the election.

The young man took to a popular Facebook group, Rank HQ, to express how devastated he feels on this development. He wrote:

“And my wedding is supposed to hold Feb 23rd. And I just woke up to hear that INEC has put a knife in my plans on a day that supposed to be my happiest day. I’ve never been so devastated!”


Jude Oyenka/ facebook

His post has attracted over 2,800 comments on Facebook. The reactions of online users to this is a mixture of pity and anger. See what some of the users wrote:

  • Afolabi Tomisin: ”So sorry. You can simply do it on Sunday. Same was announced in my church today… buh dey shifted it to Sunday”
  • John Nta: “Nothing devastating here. Sometimes we’re so adamant and without ideas. Shift the wedding to Sunday 24 and save yourself of high blood pressure. Unless you want to die before the wedding”
  • Chiamake Amadi: “And they didn’t even apologize to you ooo. No apology letter or anything of sort. Mtchew. Very painful bro… Dn’t worry just shift the wedding to Sunday. Then by Monday ather the money you were sprayed and sue INEC to court. They just have to pay you for damages. I am solidly behind you”
  • Onyii Offoaro Ume-Okwochi: “Evening Wedding is fantastic. Just try it. Nothing spoil
  • Joy Oziofuje Onimowo: “But there was supposed to be another election that day too. Your pastor didn’t check calendar well o”

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Obviously, many advised he postpone the wedding till the next day since the following Saturday is also slated for Governorship election.


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