“Even Jesus Got Drunk” – Nana Tornado

Gollywood actor, Nana Tornado, has made a clap back at famous gospel singer cum evangelist, Diana Asamoh for criticizing alcohol drinkers. Dianah had earlier on tagged alcohol consumers as senseless people.

In her critic statement, Diana Asamoah  noted that it is an height of senselessness for people who drink alcohol to avoid being driven by a drunk driver. She points out that it a terrible habit to nurture. Backing up her statement, she referred to Ephesians 5:18 saying alcohol consumers are senseless.

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In a clap back, Nana Tornado calls the gospel singer “mad” for saying heresy. She reflected to the days of Christ where he slept deeply in the ship. According to Nana, Jesus had taken alcohol before he had a deep sleep. In her words:

“Diana Asamoah is a mad woman…The Bible even tells us that her Jesus Christ got drunk and slept deeply whilst travelling by ship on the sea with his disciples and the disciples had to scream his name several times before he woke up”

Dianah Asamoah/ Prime News Ghana

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Ghana’s Nana Tornado who is known to have numerous facial piercings, had in an interview few months in which he revealed that he does not beliee in God; instead he believes in the power of Antua.


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