Drunk Woman Begs For Sex On Street


A drunk Chinese woman was sighted on begging for sex on a street. She promised him an “exotic experience”

A half naked Chinese woman was videoed while begging a man for sex on a street. Dressed only in a thong and high boots, she promised to give the man an “exotic experience” if he agreed, all the while pressing her body to his with her arms around him.

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Two eyewitnesses who also filmed the drama were heard talking about the woman.

One said : 

How can the woman throw herself at the man?

The other replied:

She’s probably desperate and is willing to risk everything

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The man was however uninterested in the woman’s offer and made efforts to push her away from him. The police were later called into the case and they took her away.

The woman was alleged to be a prostitute, however, prostitution is illegal in mainland China.



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