Davido OBO Boss Might Not Be Guilty

Davido OBO boss might not be guilty
Davido OBO boss might not be guilty

Davido OBO boss is in the news again and this time It is not good

Davido OBO boss is almost always in the news. Whether it is for a new song, a sold out tour, a controversy with another artiste, a very expensive new purchase, a baby mama drama or a crushing wide eyed fan, one thing is constant and that is the fact that the HKN boss also known as OBO, always graces the covers of news platforms around the world.

But things might not be going well for the music superstar whose stellar rise and dominance in the entertainment industry can only be described as phenomenal. Some might even argue that he has led a charmed life.


In the past two weeks, Davido OBO boss and his team has been trending on the news for all the wrong reasons. It started with the death of Tagbo: a close friend of his and a member of his team. This tragedy has raised so much controversy especially form Caroline Danjuma who is said to have had a personal relationship with the deceased.

As if that wasn’t enough, report has it that the OBO himself has been linked to yet another death. Worse, Two deaths!!

Report has it that the bodies of DJ Olu one of Davido’s personal Deejays and another individual by name Chime, were found lifeless in their car. The cause of death has not yet been specified but the world of entertainment is buzzing with speculations as to what might be the reason behind the deaths surrounding Davido and his team.

Despite what might seem like an obvious case of shadiness and a questionable lifestyle which will no doubt be fueled by Nigerian’s propensity for accruing everything that defies the norm to the supernatural and of course an opportunity for publicity by a school of thought which believes that it is impossible to achieve what some of these artiste are achieving without involvement in fetish and dark practices, it is possible that what is happening might just be an unfortunate coincidence that is made probable by the wild lifestyle which most of these young entertainment hustlers are into.

According to a renowned reporter, the death of Dj Olu and his friend might be caused by exposure to carbon monoxide: a case which is not new as it has been recorded to have caused the death of some people before.

This scenario is said to be possible if the inhabitants of the car had slept off with the windows shut and the air conditioner turned on and by some sort of mishap, the carbon monoxide from the engine of the car seeps through the air inlet. The dangerous thing about this gas as we are told is the fact that it is odorless and so while the inhabitants of the car might feel they are balling in comfort, they might just be cruising to their death.  

Of course, these are just speculations as the cause of death has not yet been specified but while we await the inevitable truth, it might be wise for us to avoid sleeping in our cars with the AC turned on.


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