David Luiz Portrays Chelsea as a United Team

Chelsea defender, David Luiz, says there have been no dissenting voices among the squad despite troubling results under the football club’s head coach, Maurizio Sarri. This he said as a result of the difficult times the foot ball club is going through.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Sport, he reveals that the team members are united despite the few matches they’ve lost. He said:

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“We have had many meetings already asking if someone doesn’t believe [in our system]. Nobody said anything. It’s because everyone believes [in it].”

“We lost a few matches because it is part of the process. The teams that are at the top of the table now are ones with managers who have been there for more than three years.

“There is a big difference when you have already understood everything, it is much easier to play football. I think we are in the right way to still improve to become a fantastic team.”.

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David Luiz insisted Chelsea face “an amazing future” under Sarri, before trying to explain the losses to Arsenal, Bournemouth and City which meant the goals in Sweden were Chelsea’s first away from home in 2019.


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