What to Consider When Selecting a Pet


Considering getting a pet? Consider the factors below.

Getting a pet is a big deal to many families as it is always important to know what pet would suit the family more. While in Nigeria females largely do not like dogs, they are more likely to get a smaller species of Dog than a big “scary” one. But first, it is best advised to get a pet from a proper pet shop in Lagos. You can go to any Veterinary Clinic in Lagos to ask about best places to purchase a healthy pet from.

That said, it is important to note what pet would suit the family considering its lifestyle and financial capability. Cats are largely known to be cheaper to take care of than big dogs. They are quiet and do take care of themselves well with little training, unlike Big dogs who need constant care, eat more and need proper toilet training. But to each individual, a pet is more than the financial burden. It is more as a companion.

Cats are great companions and are known in most western countries as pets for the lonely people. They do not smell as they are fastidious about cleanliness. They do well in small apartments and they are great entertainers especially when they are left with the right toys. But like every pet, it is wise to always take them for constant checkup and advice on best ways to take care of your cat. There are several Veterinary Clinics in Lagos that would kindly assist you with that.

Dogs, on the other hand, are known to be loyal and intelligent and have a great record of helping their Human companions out of life-threatening situations. One of the benefits of a dog is taking long walks in the great outdoors. Both the owner of the dog and the dog will benefit immensely from this exercise. Dogs require a lot of time for grooming and care, the also need constant trips to Veterinary Clinic. They are a commitment that you must be willing to take and they require a larger living space. Also, if you have kids it Is important to note the breed of dog you intend to get as some deal with kids better than others. But as they say” a dog repays the kindness you show in ten folds” and that’s a loyal pet.

Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets and are great with children. But they have specific requirements and training. Your local Veterinary Clinic would be happy to provide you with proper information about “bunny proofing” your house and making it conducive for both you and your pet.

Other pets you can consider are, Fishes (aquarium), monkeys, Parrots, Iguanas (of course yes they can be kept), Tortoise etc. It is always best to consult your local Veterinary Clinic in Lagos here or anywhere you may be located.

Have fun getting a new pet. Meanwhile, you need to remember that it will require dedication, time and regular checkups. However, do not forget to have that fun.


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