Coach Gernot Rohr On Nigeria’s World Cup Performance

Coach Gernat Rohr
Gernat Rohr

Coach Gernot Rohr has identified poor payment to be one of the main issues that might affect the super eagles. 

The Super Eagles’ Coach Gernot Rohr has issued a statement saying that the NFF should prepare effectively for 2018. He stressed on payment as a key component that might deter the players from doing their best. 

Coach Gernot Rohr reminded Nigerians of the 2014 saga and how it affected the team’s performance. He advised the NFF to commence effective payment plan so that it won’t be a problem later. 


He told reporters that: “If we wan to do something at the world cup, we have to prepare well. We want everybody who wants to be part of the team to show the same solidarity we currently have in the team.

“More importantly, we don’t want the issue of money to become a problem. 

“The issue of bonuses and allowances, which are the usual African problem we see during the world cup must be avoided.

“Such issues will be bad for our preparation. I have told my officials and the federation president.” 

According to report, FIFA will pay Nigeria 12.5 million dollars for qualifying into the world cup. 2.5 million dollars out of that money is for preparation. 



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