City People New Actress Award Amuses Tayo Sobola

Tayo Sobola is an actress best known for her role in yoruba movies

Tayo Sobola has been an actress for many years and yet was awarded Best New Actress of the Year by City People. Is this in error? What criteria was used?

Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola has been given the award of Best New Actress of The Year in the Yoruba category at the 2015 City People Entertainment Awards. This has not only amused her, it has also made her to question the criteria that are used to choose nominees and winners in the awards.

Tayo Sotayo is not new in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She produced her first movie, Arewa Onijogbon in 2011. That was long after she started acting. So, she is not the only one wondering if City People made a mistake in giving her the award of Best New Actress.

In an Instagram post, Tayo Sotayo wrote;

…so i got messages from people on whatsapp n bbm that i won Citypeople best ‘new’ actress (yoruba)… its quite funny when you look back and see the same people has been addressing you as an actress in years.. and suddenly you are new… the category tho… only citypeople understands their criteria for nominating and awarding. ALl the same, no be how far but na how well! Thanks everyone…this is for you…

Of course Tayo edited the post later on and removed the part where from “its quite…” to “na how well”, probably to avoid sounding ungrateful. We had captured a screenshot before she could do that!

City People New Actress Award Amuses Tayo Sobola

Tayo Sobola is a graduate of Public Administration. Apart from acting and producing movies, she has worked as a model, writer and as an events planner. She is the producer of Corper Jide and is an active member of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Like all her fans, we still “congratulate” her on her City People award.


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