Chris Brown Reveals He always Knew Royalty Was His

Singer Chris Brown, reveals that he knew his daughter, Royalty was his, even when her mother kept denying it.

R n B singer, Chris Brown, recently sat down for an interview with Vibe Magazine, where he talked about alot of things including daughter, Royalty.

Chris said he always knew Royalty was his kid even as his baby mama, Nia, denied it.

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The multi-award winning singer, who since winning joint custody of his daughter, has spared nothing in making sure he gives her the best of everything.

In the interview, Chris said:

I had thought about it. I had saw pictures, and I was like Damn. So I asked, and [Nia] was like Nah, it’s not you.So I was like cool, I didn’t think it was an issue. But when I found out, it was kind of like, Damn, she looks just like me. And I didn’t care about how me and her mother didn’t have a relationship, I didn’t care about any situation. I just wanted to see her. I just wanted to be able to have that opportunity, as something personal to me. I’m not gonna be upset, I’m not gonna be mad. I have to be honest with myself and pick the priorities over the situation. I had to make my priority my daughter.

Chris who named his newest album after daughter, Royalty, has been revealed to be a doting father.


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