Chris Brown Gets Desperate, Begs on Knees

chris brown gets desperate, begs on knees
Photo: KTLA

It is no longer news that Chris Brown has not been allowed to leave Philippines since he performed at a Manila arena on Tuesday because of a $1million refund being demanded by political strong Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) for not showing up for their 31st December Concert. Chris Brown posted a video of him on his knees begging to be allowed to leave Philippines.

In the video which was posted on his Instagram page and later deleted, Chris Brown went on his knees and said;

Please, please, let us leave, please

Chris Brown captioned the post “OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!”

It is reported that Chris Brown actually took the $1 million plus payment and did not show up for the concert because he lost his passport. Hopefully, President Obama will heed to Chris Brown‘s pleas and intervene so that he can continue his world tour.


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