Chocolate City CEO Wins In Court Against El-Rufai

chocolate city ceo
chocolate city ceo

Chocolate city CEO Audu Makori just won the case between him and Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state.

The Chocolate city CEO was detained by the Nigerian Police force with instructions from El-Rufai.

This happened when he posted a message on his Twitter handle.

The case ended up in court and lasted for months.

After much deliberation in court, the judge ruled that El-Rufai and The Nigerian Police Force were at fault.


The judge instructed them to pay the sum of 40 million naira to Audu Makori as compensation.

When asked about the case, the judge said:

“The judgment will serve as a lesson to law enforcement agencies. They should discharge their duties in accordance with constitutional requirements and not discharge their duty with impunity”

“Social media cannot be without social responsibility. It would amount to an invitation to anarchy to say that the cyber space is without control”


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