“Children Should Be Banned From Nodding Football” – Ryan Mason

Former Tottenham Football Club midfielder, Ryan Mason, has suggested that children should be banned from using their heads while playing football. He said this is a measure to avoid severe head injuries.

Ryan Mason, 27, made this suggestion based on his life experience. Due to severe fractured skull sustained during a clash with Chelsea in 2017, he was made to retire in February 2018.  In an interview with BBC, Ryan explained:

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“If you have got a seven- or eight-year-old heading a solid ball, and his brain and his bone in his skull isn’t fully developed, then that could potentially be doing damage,” Mason told BBC London.

“I look at some kids and they head the ball with the top of the head and their technique is all wrong, therefore the pressure that it’s putting on the brain is a lot more.

“I don’t think kids should be heading real balls.”

Ryan Mason sustained injury during a clash with Chelsea in January 2017. (Source: Sky Sport)

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The football star, Ryan Mason, having recovered from a career-ending head injury has now become an advocate for youth footballers. He is now a youth coach at Spur.


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