Checkout This Man’s Amazing WeightLoss Transformation and the story behind it.

fat man weight loss

A man whose marriage came to an end because he was too fat for sex sheds alot of weight and looks completely different.

Stephen Ringo’s daily lunch were 2 Big Macs, 2 large fries, 2 large cokes and 20 chicken nuggets. For dinner he had a large box of Domino’s pizza. He weighed 29st at his heaviest.
After his marriage was destroyed, it motivated the 38year old to amend his ways and live a healthy lifestyle. He started going to the gym, dieting and now looks like a completely different person.
Stephen Ringo used to struggle to put on socks and had no sex drive due to his size. This led to the crash of his marriage. The 5ft 7in man who is from Johnson City, Tennessee is an IT expert, he explained that his weight issue affected his confidence and marriage deeply.
He hit the gym everyday and began curbing his fast food addiction, shedding an incredible 16 stone in 2 years. He also did alot of powerlifting and ate only between 5pm and 9pm each evening.

More photos below;

fat man

fat man

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