Checkout these photos of father’s carrying their babies.

These photos emerged on twitter after Piers Morgan made fun of Daniel Craig for carrying his own child.

Fathers on Twitter are blasting Piers Morgan, after he made fun of 007 actor, Daniel Craig, for carrying his own child. He also insinuated the actor was less of a man for doing so.

Media personality, Piers Morgan, shared a picture of Daniel Craig carrying his child with a baby carrier while he took a walk. He posted the picture to mock the legendary actor because he does not think it is manly to carry a child.

He made the post with the caption; “Oh 007…not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond

Hundreds of fathers on Twitter are now sharing photos of themselves carrying their babies to show support to the actor.

See photos of father’s carrying their child below;

piers morgan

piers morgan and craig david

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At the time of this report, Craig David is yet to reply the controversial media personality, Piers Morgan.



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