Cannibalism: Man Eats Wife’s Rapist’s Genitals

cannibalism: man murders rapist in fire
Photo: Moscow Times

A couple has been arrested for being involved in the death of the wife’s former lover who allegedly raped her. The husband shocked the observers as he claims he and his wife indulged in cannibalism.

An Indonesian man has been accused of killing a man who allegedly raped his wife. The man who has been identified as Rudie Efendi also claims that he severed the victims genitals after stabbing him and ate them, thereby involving in cannibalism.

Rudie Efendi got wind of the alleged rape when he discovered on his wedding night that his wife whom he had just married was not a virgin. On probing his wife, she mentioned that a commercial driver whom she used to date had raped her prior to their wedding. Speaking to the police after his arrest, Rudie said he ate the man’s genitals after makng his wife to cook them in an attempt to “cure his heartache”.

I was outraged.

His wife Nuriah is being investigated by the police to ascertan if she will be charged as an accomplice to the crime. Nuriah’s involvement, apart from cooking her former lover’s genitals and eating them with her husband, is luring him for “a meeting” which turned out to be his death. No statement from her or the authorities has confirmed that she was indeed a part of the cannibalism with her husband.

Rudie Efendi burnt the remains of the victim in a van. The police is still investigating the case. Do you think they went too far? Would you indulge in cannibalism for any reason? Drop your comments below.

cannibalism: Man Eats Wife's Rapist's Genitals, Burn Him in Van
Photo: Daily Mail

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cannibalism: Man Eats Wife's Rapist's Genitals, Burn Him in Van


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