Building Collapses in Mushin, Four Injured

Four persons were injured yesterday in a building collapse at Ago Ishaga Main Garage in Mushin, Lagos. gathered that the building comprising of shops was being readied for decking when it collapsed.

A police van and a Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Vehicle were at the entrance of the garage last night, and the garage was sealed off with Tapes.

The garage Chairman, Adesina Oloko said he was surprised that the building collapsed.

He said the building was being constructed by the Mushin Local Government, adding that the construction began about three years ago and was at the level of decking.


He said “This is an garage; it has been here for over 60 years. There was a mini construction here before, but the Local Government came here about three years ago that they want to build up-to-date shops.”

“When the construction began, the bricklayer and Carpenter that started the work died. We do not know what caused their death.”

“The building just collapsed this morning. we do not know the cause. The building was at decking levels, irons were already on the ground floor, sand and cement were already here in the garage but were yet to be used for the decking. The whole iron came down, this was what happened. Nobody died, four people were injured. The iron for the decking fell on four people, we raised the iron and the four of them came up, they sustained injuries.”


“What we want now, is for government to leave our garage for us. They should not bother building anything here, we are not building anything here either, this is the only garage in mushin they should leave us alone”

Chies Adio Subaru, the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) secretary in the garage blamed the engineer for the collapse

He said: “Whatever the government says they want to do in this country will be done; if they want to build anything here, they should please build something solid that will not land anyone in trouble. We were all surprised to see the building collapse this morning. There are two complexes of the story building being constructed. It is only one of the uncompleted buildings that collapsed, the second one also at decking level is still here.”


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