Buhari’s Daughter Embarrassed Me – Abuja Shopper

Buhari's Daughter Embarrassed Me - Abuja Shopper

A lady who goes by the name Shalom Miriam Shehu, a Gynecologist has alleged that one of President Muhammadu Buhari‘s daughter sent her out of a boutique in Abuja 2 days ago while she was shopping.

According to her, she and other people were in the boutique shopping when Buhari‘s daughter (she did not mention which) stepped into the boutique located in Wuse 2 with four armed security operatives and ordered everyone out.

Unbelievable!! I have just been walked out of a boutique in Wuse II by 4 armed Security Operatives on the order of Buhari‘s daughter.

Shallom took to twitter to recount what happened but however did not mention the name of the boutique.

Tens of pro-Buhari twitter users have however accused Shallom that she is lieing. Others said it was just cheap propaganda. One of them who goes by the twitter handle @MrPheyreyrah tweeted;

Only in the world would you see blatant unashamed liars like you[contextly_sidebar id=”pbNfTP2vjhAZjY05c2C2tk9lFX7kn5Ay”]

Is Shallom Miriam Shehu actually lieing? Is it possible that she was too scared, angry and embarrassed to take photos (people are asking her for photographic evidence…)? Did she mistake the lady (who could just be one very rich Alhaji’s wife) for Buhari‘s daughter? What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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