“Boko Haram, Release Leah Sharibu And Alice Loksha”-International Committee of Red Cross.

International Commitee of Red Cross

International Committee Of Red Cross Pleads for the Release Of The Abducted Hostages By Boko Haram.

Patricia Danzi, ICRC Regional Director, made this appeal on Tuesday after a second red cross worker was killed.

The terrorist captured and killed two midwives, Saifura Khorsa and Hauwa Linman while the last hostage  Alice Loksha is still in their custody.

On the 1st of march 2018, the terrorist attacked Raan community in Bornu state and kidnapped three red cross workers.

Two out of the three healthcare workers were killed and the last one might die without government intervention.

The hostage taking situation in Nigeria has attracted national and global intervention and condemnation.

The last hostage Alice, worked as a nurse for UNICEF while Leah sharibu, the abducted  Government Girls Technical College, student is still in their custody.

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