Body Of Missing General Alkali Discovered.

missing general idris alkali

Army finds body parts of missing General, Alkali.

The Nigerian Army has recovered the body of the former chief of Administration Army Headquarters, Abuja, Major General Idris Alkali.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of General Alkali was unraveled yesterday, 31 October, as the Nigerian Army found his body in an abandoned well in Guchwet, Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The retired military officer was declared missing in September on his way to Bauchi after leaving Abuja but he did not reach his destination.

Early in October, the car of the missing General and four other vehicles were found in a pond.

general Alkali missing car

Many were arrested and the district head of Dura was declared wanted, he gave up himself.

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Although no medical test was carried out to confirm if the body parts found were actually those of General Alkali.

The Army insisted their findings confirmed the body parts packed in a body bag were those of the retired officer.


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