Blac Chyna Post Naked Pictures to Reveal New Tattoo

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Despite being a mother and being criticized by many for her lifestyle, Blac Chyna does it again. Read on!

American model and ex-stripper Blac Chyna has released photographs showing off her new tattoo. The sexy mother of one posted a full photograph showing her back today. But she showed way too much. She had earlier posted another photo 3 days ago to flaunt the new tattoo but her long hair covered a better part of the design. 

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna who has gone through several tattoo procedures to try to remove Tyga (her former boyfriend and baby daddy)’s name from her body released a statement on Instagram just before posting these photographs. She said;

I do what the f*ck I want 2 I’m grown… #milf

[She didn’t put the *. I put it there… lol]

blacchyna new back tattoos

the new tattoo on Blac Chyna's Back

The mother of one has been under intense criticism for her lifestyle. The criticism especially increased after she had her child. See more Blac Chyna‘s new tattoo photos below.

blac china new tattoo


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blac chyna new tattoos on fleek


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