Bayern Munich Might Hire Luis Enrique to replace Ancelotti

Bayern Munich in talk with Enrique
Bayern Munich set to replace Ancelotti

Bayern Munich who just terminated their contract with Ancelotti might consider Luis Enrique as his possible replacement.

Recent report has it that the Bayern Munich might be replacing the sacked Carlo Ancelotti with the ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique.

The decision which most people still consider a bit too hasty was made after the German giant experienced one of their most dismal starts to a season which included a 3-0 loss to PSG but if we consider the fact that the absence of the manger has done nothing to improve the standard of play by the German side, one might lean towards the school of thought that tagged the decision a bit too hasty.

In a bid to manage the present situation, the club is considering hiring the service of the Spaniard.
Luis Enrique who won the treble in his first season during his managerial role at Barcelona and a double in his second season but had a less than colorful last season, is reported to have scheduled a meeting with the bosses at Munich.
Reports has it that this decision can be linked to a spotted meeting between Bayern’s president Uli Hoeness and ex-Bayern boss Pep Guardiola who is reported to be offering advice to his former club.

If Bayern eventually hires Enrique, it would automatically mean that he would replacing Pep Guardiola for the second time after he replaced him as the head coach at Barcelona.

Questions are being asked as to whether or not Pep Guardiola has a say on who will head Bayern considering the fact that some people still view his achievement while with the German side as less than remarkable.

Of course this might just be speculation as there is also rumors that the club is also considering hiring the service of Jupp Heynckes who won a treble with them in the year 2013.


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