Barcelona And Uruguay Fights Over Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is presently at the center of an ongoing disagreement between his club and country. 

Both sides are at loggerhead and the reason behind that is their different views on how Luis Suarez will recover. 

The striker injury is the cause of the misunderstanding. His club: Barcelona feels he needs to undergo surgery but his country disagrees. 


His country is quoted to have said: 

“If he feels discomfort then decisions will be made but for now, surgery isn’t needed.

A meniscal cyst is a pathology that causes suffering when it is not treated, but it is usually allowed to develop so the degree of tolerance can be determined”

The striker is very instrumental in both his club and his country. Both teams will be eager to see him recover as soon as possible. The problem is that they both have different views on that. 


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