Arsene Wenger Might Finally Lose His Job In Arsenal

Arsene Wenger
Arsene wenger might lose his job

The Arsenal manager: Arsene Wenger might be facing the axe if the proposed club takeover is successful.

The Arsenal boss: Arsene Wenger might find himself caught in a cross fire that involves two giants or as the popular saying goes, he might just be the proverbial unlucky grass caught in a battle of two Elephants.

Recent news has is that there have been a back and forth attempts to gain complete ownership by the two major stakeholders in arsenal: Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov.


The most recent of the moves was made by Stan Kroenke who offered offered Alisher Usmanov the sum of 525million euros to buy his 30 percent stake at Arsenal.

Usmanov also attempted a takeover five months ago when he offered the sum of 1 billion euros for Stan’s 67.1percent stake. It is important to note that both bids were rejected.

Most importantly though is what this means for Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger                    


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