Apple Might Be Going Down In Their Standard!!!

apple might be losing standard
apple might be losing standard

Apple the company responsible for revolutionary devices like iPhone, iPad and others might be facing a decline

Apple is one of the finest brands in the history of gadgets. They have been responsible for some of the finest gadgets today.

According to Forbes magazine:

Recently, Apple’s strategy has been coming up short. That’s because the companies they are seeking to displace aren’t the pushovers their previous competitors have been

Their first failure to dominate came with Apple music, their streaming music service. After years of users downloading (and thus owning) music via iTunes, they attempted to introduce their own streaming service. Only this time, they likely got in too late. Services like Pandora and (especially) Spotify had already grabbed the popular imagination and their products were well designed and well liked.


The company went on to make less cool decision with steps like: their voice recognition system SIRI and Apple TV and now they are on the verge of taking a giant leap into TV.

But the good news is that while they might have missed it with others, they still hit the jackpot with iPhone.


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