Alyssa McDonald proudly wears her scarred face

Alyssa McDonald proudly wears her scarred face

Alyssa McDonald has refused plastic surgery and insisted on proudly wearing her scarred face after surviving an accident.

At the age of two, she poured a bowl of boiling oil over her face, which left her with serious third-degree burns over most of her face

Alyssa McDonald slipped into a coma and her parents were afraid that she would die.
However, she fought through the injury and underwent more than a hundred surgeries to give her at least a resemblance of a face.
It was gathered that she put a stop to her surgeries at age 16 and decided to carry her scars for life.

Alyssa McDonald proudly wears her scarred face
Now 25, she lives a happy and fulfilled life

“Me being a curious child, I climbed up to have a look and accidentally pulled the pot of hot butter down onto myself.”

“The butter fell directly onto my face, it missed my head but covered my face, I was burned very badly,” Alyssa recounted.

“My uncle found me and desperately tried to wipe off the butter over the sink, but my skin was so badly burned it was melting off of my face,” she added.

When asked if she was bothered about what people say about her, she said: “It’s not your problem how people perceive you or how they think about you, once you accept that you can live life for yourself and not everyone else.”


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