Allwell Orji’s Colleague Opens Up On Why He Committed Suicide

suicide? man jumps off 3rd mainland bridge

Essien Attah, a colleague of the late , Allwell Orji, the medical doctor who allegedly killed himself by jumping into the Lagos lagoon, has provided new insights into the incident.
Orji, who reportedly ordered his driver to stop the car on the Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday, March 19, alighted from the car and jumped into the lagoon.

In a Social media post Titled: And The Doctor Died. Essien wrote:

Dr Orji Allwell was my junior and also a graduate of College of Medicine University of Lagos. Indeed I left the great citadel of learning just when he was learning the rudiments of the profession hence our paths never crossed but if they had, I would have embraced him like a brother and share ward round tales of how we survived the likes of Professor Bode and Professor Odum.

But Dr Orji is dead. I heard he jumped off Third Mainland Bridge in an apparent su*cide. What could have pushed the young man to take his own life? What level of frustration can kill the joy of life in an intelligent young man?Indeed the dark-side of medicine in Nigeria has once again reared its ugly head. A profession that is in the final death throes of extinction has claimed another victim.

According to him, the the incident has since Sunday thrown many Nigerians into mourning. He further said that although doctors as being on top of the food chain hence they carry a heavy burden. Numerous relatives feast on their finances like hungry vultures who keep on coming back for more. Hence, the burdens of frustration bears down heavily on them and eat away their souls.


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