Ali Baba Defends Comedians

Ali Baba defends comedians
Ali Baba/Instagram

Ali Baba while congratulating Jimmy Morales, has decided to defend the integrity of comedians.

In his congratulatory message to Jimmy Morales, the just elected president of Guatamela. Alli Baba posted on Instagram his defense for comedians.

Jimmy Morales known to be a comedian has been elected president of Guatamela. The development according to Ali Baba is causing people to doubt his capabilities.

However, Ali Baba posted Jimmy’s picture and seizes that opportunity to stand in defense of his profession arguing that a comedian is sometimes better at a profession than people practicing it, citing himself as an example.

Ali Baba defends comedians
Jimmy Morales [gettyimages]

Congratulations to President Jimmy Morales, for winning the presidential election in Guatemala. I wish him the best. That said, I find it very disturbing that all that is being screamed is that A COMEDIAN won a presidential election of a country. Not Rotary Club. Not an Association. A country. Hmmmm. Being a comedian is a professional choice he made. Like a LAWYER deciding to go into banking and then running for the office of a president. I bet a lot of the people commenting are talking from a point of “can you imagine? A common comedian”. I got news for you. He has a degree in Theology and another one in Business Administration. Besides that, the man has been an evangelist for years. But hey!!! Those don’t count. Because he was a comedian. President Ronald Reagan was what again? A cowboy actor. I have walked into a class of 58 Business executives 3 years ago, to facilitate on marketing in Nigeria, and they all looked at me like a fish out of water. Then I finished and I took questions. Some questions were clearly to test my understanding of the subject matter. I left with shoulders high. Again, at another time, I talked to a class of professional advertising practitioners and they still did not get it until their seminar was over and they realized they had learnt a lot more from my presentation than some of their celebrated facilitators. An advertising agency once invited me to lecture a class of copywriters on looking for that wow idea that catches a target market. They didn’t know what hit them. Severally, I have been part of successful brand engineering projects. To pigeon hole a person into a field of trade and discount the other things that inform his value proposition is the greatest disservice to the person’s industry and contribution to his immediate environment. Yes, we celebrate the recognition of Jimmy Morales as a comedian. Why won’t we? But it is proper to point out here that President Jimmy Morales is not “just a comedian”. Thank you

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