“Adesuwa is Against me Because of Failed Pregnancy Scam” – Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel

adesuwa against me over failed pregnancy scam - inspired autos ceo

Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel has responded to the allegations of fraud against him.

The Managing Director of Inspired Auto, Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel has responded to the allegation of fraud against him by the CEO of Adesuwa Autos, Adesuwa Renee Oziogiee. In his defence, he stated that the allegations are baseless. He challenged the self styled “Only Female 9ja American Car Dealer” to report him to the authorities.

Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel however claimed that Adesuwa Oziogiee is coming after him because he refused to be in a romantic relationship with her. He also stated that she attempted to make him pay $30,000 for a pregnancy abortion scam.

Since I blocked her and told her I’m not interested in any relationship she has been very vindictive and scornful against my person, fabricating and spreading lies, calling all sorts to blackmail me since the $30,000 fake pregnancy scam didn’t fall through and I ended all ties with you.

Th US based automobile dealer also accused Adesuwa of helping fraudsters to purchase cars.

Check the fraudsters that wire fraud money to you everyday to buy cars and ship to Nigeria, The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Show one proof that fraud or impersonation was done on your account and stop ranting like a dog on heat.
I have been selling cars and making millions when you were still a Village rat before you were smuggled to the US.

Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel shared screenshots of his conversations with Adesuwa Renee Ogiozee. He also shared screenshots of evidence showing a transfer Adesuwa made to his account, requesting for dollars.

Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel responds to adesuwa renee ogiozee over fraud

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Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel responds to adesuwa renee ogiozee

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From the statements they have made against each other these past few days, it seems that Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel and Adesuwa Renee Oziogiee were engaged in a romantic relationship which ended quickly and badly.



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