I accused My Boyfriend Of Rape To Punish Him – Gbemisola

I accused my boyfriend of rape to punish him

A teenage girl who earlier accused a man of raping her, has today confirmed she lied to punish him.

Some days back, we reported  a rape case involving a teenager who accused her boyfriend of raping her and posting her nude pictures online.

Well today, the teenager who goes by the name Gbemisola, has taken back her words.

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She confirmed that the boy, Kunle, never raped her and was infact her boyfriend. She accused him og rape after he shared her nude pictures with friends, a thing he had promised to delete.

He is my boyfriend and we had dated for just one week when he asked for my nude pictures. When two people are dating and they are in love, anything can happen between them.

Initially, I declined and he started begging me. I asked him to swear on oath that he would later delete the pictures from his phone and he did. I sent the pictures because of the trust I had in him.
He didn’t rape me, but I gave in because he begged, saying it had been long since he did it.
Gbemisola revealed that Kunle asked for recharge card the following day after sex, to which she obliged but he kept demanding and when she refused, he threatened to destroy her image in the community.
I discovered he never loved me and merely wanted to use and dump me.When he asked me to come to his house again, I refused and asked him to do his worst. He then asked me to log in to Whatsapp. Immediately I did, I saw that he had made my nude photos his Display Picture (DP). He also sent them to me, as well.
I lied against him to punish him for what he did. I threw away his phone into the well because he claimed to have evidence. I wanted to destroy him completely.
But seeing how far this case has gone, I want to forgive him. We are from the same Ondo State and our parents are friends.
Joe Offor, the Police Public Relations Officer said both parties have confirmed that they had consensual sex, so rape has been ruled out.


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