8 Months Pregnant Woman Loses Baby to Police Brutality

8 months pregnant woman brutalized by police in ojo

An 8 months pregnant woman who identified herself as China Elekwachi lost her baby on the 19th of July due to the allegedly harsh and ruthless beatings she received from a police officer in Ojo, Lagos State. The event took place on the 19th of July when China was driving home in her car, accompanied by two friends, when they were suddenly stopped by police men who were dressed in civilian clothes.

Pregnant China Elekwachi was stopped, forcefully pulled out of her car and beaten brutally.

8 months pregnant woman brutalized by police


All my pleadings that I was eight months pregnant fell on deaf ears, as they continued to beat me. I was dragged on the floor and eventually stripped naked.

In the process of being forced to the police station, she fell and hit her stomach severely on the hard tar. But the police men were undeterred as they roughly took her to the police station where she lost consciousness. She was later taken to Safe Hands Medical Center where she was diagnosed of ‘Maternal trauma and placenta abruption.’

As a result of this, a cesarean operation was conducted on China Elekwachi and the baby was brought out alive. It however died 4 days later in an incubator at Outreach Medical Centre.


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