Interviews: Seven Things You Must Avoid To Ace It

The seven things you might be doing wrong in your interviews

You’ve gone for several interviews but you never got shortlisted, or you did get shortlisted but you never got that call? Here’s a list of seven things that you just might be doing wrong

  • Getting The Names Wrong: Just like you would not like anyone to get your name or it’s pronunciation wrong, you should not get that of your interviewers wrong. Make sure to double check, and if you’re still not sure, check with the receptionist. Also make sure to do your homework on the company and research well. This is just to leave no stone unturned.


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  • The “Yes” and “No” Thingy: You do not want to sound like you know everything, but at the same time let your interviewer(s) know that you have an idea at least of what is being asked. Back up your “Yes” or ”No” with a little explanation unless further questions are being asked.


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  • Negative Comments: More often than not, you might be asked why you quit your former job. If the reason reflects badly on the part of your previous employer, make sure you speak rationally. No negative comments


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  • Acting Like The World Encyclopaedia: Even that book doesn’t know it all. Your interviewers have probably interviewed hundreds of interested applicants before you. If you pretend to know it all, you could get smoked out and spoil your chances before you even get them


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  • Bad Body Language: Your interview does not begin at the interview room. Put on your best even before you leave your house. What if your interviewer is that man you shouted ” Motherf**ker” at? Avoid that. It will be very noticeable if you’re nervous. Let your body language communicate confidence and you’ll score a point on that. Be careful not be seem over confident; crossing your legs and all that. . Sit up and keep your hands visible, either sitting or standing.


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  • Lying ( It is even in the Holy Book.): Most companies will check up on any information you’ve provided to them, either verbally or in your resume. Make sure all is true. As we now live in the social media era, make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social accounts do not have a tale to tell. Don’t lie to yourself as well. Do not ‘hope’ you’ll not be asked a certain question, because you most probably will. Instead, prepare to take the bull by the horns.


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  • Cluelessness: After the interview, do not leave without asking about what the next step is, if you have to do anything or if you will be contacted. Also, do not forget to write a thank you note after the interviews.


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You’re good to go!


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