Meet Samantha, Mother of 2 Who Doubles as a Call Girl & Writer

Samantha X

Samantha X

Samantha X is her Pseudonym and business name. Pseudonym because she is an author and actually authored a popular book under that name. Business name because her clients simply know her Samantha.

See what is written on Booktopia about her…

She “started her career as a journalist for London’s tabloid press before moving to Australia. After 13 years as a magazine writer in Sydney, Samantha decided selling her body was far more lucrative and fun and the stories she heard within the brothel’s walls were more fascinating than any story she’d covered…”

Samantha X

The Wazobian Crew can now authoritatively inform you that Samantha X’s real name is Amanda Goff, a former beauty writer/editor for different magazines. She joined the oldest profession in the world as a 38 year old divorced mother of two.

Her book, “Hooked, The Secrets of a High-Class Call Girl” has made her to have to appear on national TV and international shows for interviews.


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