2baba Discloses His Favorite Song And Its Not African Queen


2baba was asked his favorite song and he stunned the interviewer with his answer.

2baba is no doubt an African phenomenon, some might even argue global. He has so many hits to his name such that it is difficult to even keep tab.

Of all his great hits, African queen stands alone as inarguably the greatest. The song was released more than a decade ago and became an instant hit.

It is now a classic and an internationally recognized hit.

But when 2baba was asked his favorite song, African queen was surprisingly not mentioned.


The song he eventually picked is not even in the top ten list of what we might consider his best songs.

But as an artiste, no one understands your craft more than you do.

According to the legend himself, his best favorite song is “Dance in the rain” which was part of his 2012 “Away and beyond” album.


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