2018 World Cup: The Preparation So Far

2018 world cup Russia
2018 World cup Russia

The preparation for the 2018 world cup might not be going according to plan according to Russian president Putin.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the preparation for the 2018 world cup is behind schedule, he also added that the delays were under control and that if the work is continued effectively, they will be able to achieve excellence in hosting the 2018 world cup.
He said this in a meeting with top sport officials, regional governors and prominent athletes that was held for the aim of discussing the preparation for the event next year.
He is reported to have said:
“These delays are not critical, there is nothing terrible there, but as I have always said… it is the most difficult thing to resolve tasks at a final stage”
He is also reported to have said that:
“If we relax, we will not fully accomplish the work”

Also quoted in the issue of the delay in the preparation for the 2018 world cup is Russia’s sport minister: Pavel Kolobkov who cited the 45, 000-seat stadium in Samara as one of the major challenges being faced.
According to him:
“There are some delays at different stages of construction at the stadium in Samara”
“A timetable for making up for the delays and (a system) for the daily monitoring of the venue’s completion have been established”
He also stated that the Company building the venue has been fined.
If all goes according to plan, Russia is set to host the world cup from June 14- July 15 in 2018.


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